Leather Outfit

Leather Outfit

Forever 21 cheetah t shirt, 19 CAD / Leather motorcycle jacket, 330 CAD / Abercrombie & Fitch short jeans, 50 CAD / Steve Madden laced-up boots / Fiorelli , 48 CAD / Wet Seal rhinestone bracelet, 13 CAD / American Eagle Outfitters bead bracelet, 16 CAD / Zad studded wrap bracelet, 29 CAD / Topshop , 20 CAD

The brown bracelets are to go for a more casual laid back look, adding the right amount of every-day wear feel. This way it doesn’t look as if much effort was put into looking so chic and proper.

On the other hand, the white bracelets and the Fiorelli bag together, serve as a tipping point in making the outfit more suitable for a dressy night out. They scream attention adding to the outfit allowing you to look incredibly fashionable with a hint of  ‘cool.’
The beanie works well under both circumstances but it’s better suited when opting for a more casual look.

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